“We see what we know until we know who we are, then we see what we feel.” _Ernest Haas

Michele A Wilber/ Fine Art Photographer

Artist Statement

Being able to communicate to others an unseen vision and continuously exploring in my practice as an artist is an unceasing journey. As a photographer I look for what lies beyond the physical appearance of things to capture what lies within. Photography is used as a tool to capture the beauty of all subjects and evoke a spiritual awareness. The creation that is made and a connection with the viewer is most essential..

Michele Wilber (b. 1964 Ironwood, MI) is a visual artist that prefers to use photography to explore subject matter that has a deeper meaning. Born in The Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Michele grew up with a love for art and the beauty of nature. Being raised a devout Italian Catholic the frequency to Mass introduced her to engaging artworks at a young age as well as the fortitude to believe in dreams. Years after raising a family, Michele opened a new chapter in her life returning to school to receive a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from Northern Michigan University concentrating on fine art photography. The use of multiple techniques whether digital, analog or the experiment of cameraless photography while exploring subject matter that she can connect with spiritually and extend to others is essential to her journey as a photographer.

Michele lives with her husband in Negaunee, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where the change of seasons has a way of creating its own poetry.


Tenth Annual International Art Competition ArtPrize2017 Juried Exhibition, Grand Rapids, MI Mackinaw Arts Council, Mission Point Resort, Non Juried Exhibition, Mackinaw Island, MI North of the 45th Parallel Exhibit, DeVos Art Museum, Non Juried Exhibition, Marquette, MI MACC Art Stroll, Aurora Piercing Boutique, Juried Exhibition, Marquette, MI
Student Art Gallery, NMU Diversity Common Reader, Juried Exhibition, Marquette, MI LSAA Gallery- NMU Student Show (Emerge), Peter White Library, Juried Exhibition, Marquette, MI
Statewide Photo Exhibit, Bonifas Fine Arts Center, Juried Exhibition, Escanaba, MI
DeVos Place, Traveling Exhibit with Bonifas Fine Art Center, Grand Rapids, MI
Mission Point Resort, Traveling Art Exhibit with Bonifas Fine Art Center, Mackinac Island, MI William Bonifas Fine Art Center, No B.S./No B.F.A. Juried Exhibition, Escanaba, MI


2017 Rockwell Republic, Grand Rapids, MI/ ArtPrize2017 Venue
2016 SAG -NMU, Diversity Common Reader, Best in Show
2015 Statewide Photo Exhibit, Bonifas Fine Arts Center, Juried Exhibit, Escanaba, MI

BFA Northern Michigan University; Marquette, Michigan                                                                            photography credit: Dennis Staffne

My Story

Life is full of surprises so we must remember to keep our sense of humor and enjoy the ride!


"When gifts are given to me through my camera, I accept them graciously." -Minor White-