Impermanence depicts the way beauty, tranquility and self awarenesscan be found by way of meditation through the lens of a camera and the consciousness of our surroundings. At a time when hate, discontent, and thoughtless words permeate the public, it is important to find tranquility and peace. With the use of a camera, a pair of hiking shoes, and a beautiful winter day the series Impermanence was created. Photographing shadows cast upon snow and meditating upon each organic formation was a way to flee from the bitterness of the world and gather as much serenity that could be found organically.

Impermanence is the newest series in my journey, it speaks about how all things are temporary and should not be taken for granted but welcomed as beautiful visions that should be captured to enjoy before they part. While taking my daily walk on a warm winter day I took my time to meditate with the beautiful shadows that were being displayed onto the crisp snow. Knowing that spring was upon us, using my camera as a tool I captured these gifts to display and share knowing there was a sense of spirit within each creation.

“While we cannot describe its appearance (the equivalent), we can define its function. When a photograph functions as an Equivalent we can say that at that moment, and for that person the photograph acts as a symbol or plays the role of a metaphor for something that is beyond the subject photographed.”
— Minor White